“Bad parking is put in spotlight online” in The Star Newspaper

media02The 2nd article to feature Inconsiderate Parkers was in The Star Newspaper who wrote a more in-depth write-up of what we do. We received a lot of positive comments from the public and we got more followers to our group. Once again the media got our web address wrong and unfortunately I was unable to purchase the web address they have published.

A wheelchair user from Sheffield who has set upĀ  a website to shame inconsiderate motorists has welcomed a council campaign to banish problem parking.

But he called for more to be done to educate motorists on the effect bad parking has on other people, especially on those in wheelchairs and with pushchairs.

The man, who uses the alias John Smith after receiving threats about his website, set it up last year after becoming fed up getting stuck behind parked cars blocking the pavements around Hillsborough when Sheffield Wednesday are playing at home.

John, who is in his late 20s, said: “A friend and I set the group up because we became fed up getting stuck behind cars parked blocking the footpath.

“The worst time is match days as people park wholly on the footpath, double park, or park over drop kerbs.

If a car is parked inconsiderately the I add it to our website, Twitter and Facebook account, along with the details submitted. The only things I blur are faces and other people’s registrations.”

Members of the public who see a vehicle parked inconsiderately – blocking pavements, drop-kerbs, disabled bays – can take a photograph and submit details to appear in the “rogues gallery” on the website.

StarMotorists who feature but make contact and apologise are removed. But those who are spotted more than once are added to the gallery permanently.

South Yorkshire Police said the website is not breaking the law – providing no-one trespasses, no names are mentioned, and there is no damage caused.

John welcomes a Sheffield Council campaign launched last week aimed at banishing bad parking and cracking down on potentially dangerous drivers who block pavements.

Motorists are encouraged to be more considerate when finding a space, and bear in mind the needs of wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs.

Officials are set to issue warning notices – not fines, but reminders to be more thoughtful – to motorists who park on the pavement.

The notices read “Parking on the pavement and blocking the footpath can be dangerous for pedestrians, particularly with pushchairs or in wheelchairs, who are forced into the road. Please consider others when parking”.

John said: “The council campaign is great but there is still a lot of work to do. People need educating and to see how it makes others feel.”

Visit www.inconsiderateparking.co.uk

“Inconsiderate Parkers” in Look Local Newspaper

media01Our 1st newspaper was a simple and small write up in the Look Local Newspaper explaining why our group was started and was written after a totally anonymous interview. Unfortunately they got our web address wrong but luckily I managed to buy the one they used so people weren’t confused.

“A Sheffield resident and wheelchair user is taking action to prevent road users from parking inconsiderately and blocking access on the pathways.

Inconsiderate Parkers is a group started in September of 2013, and exposes road users who park inconsiderately by posting photograph of the car in a gallery on their website.

A business card is also left on the windscreen to inform the driver that they will be features on said website.

Photographs on the gallery feature cars parked in Stocksbridge, Deepcar, Hillsborough and other local areas.

The group was started by two friends, both wheelchair users, but unfortunately one of the left after receiving death threats.

Busines CardsNot wanting to receive negative attention, the person who is not in-charge has chosen to remain anonymous.”

In an interview with Look Local, they said “The main goal of the group is to make people realise how inconsiderate parking can affect others. Not only can it block wheelchair users, but it can also make guide dogs have to guide their owners onto main roads.

“I send business cards to anyone who asks for them, so that they can take a picture f a car and place a card on the windscreen. This has proved successful as people have messaged me back saying that after using the cards, they have spotted the same car again parked correctly.”

The group has been in contact with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, who support what they’re doing and inconsiderate parking can block access to fire engines in urgent situations.

They have also spoken with South Yorkshire Police, who have given advice about the law regarding parking.

To find out more information and see the picture gallery, visit www.inconsideratepictures.co.uk or search “Inconsiderate Parkers” on Facebook and Twitter.

If anyone is wanting any business cards, contact Inconsiderate Parkers or get in touch with Look Local and we will try to arrange it for you.