fireengineIs it legal to post images showing reg plates online?
Yes, You can post images showing reg plates online as-long as you do not trespass to take the photo, cause no criminal damage and do not post any personal details online. We checked this by contacting South Yorkshire Police.

What shouldn’t I do?
We do not condone any criminal damage so don’t attempt to damage any vehicle no matter how badly parked. Do not use any form of glue to stick notices to a vehicle, this can cause damage to windows/paint.

I had a valid reason to park like I did, can my vehicle be removed?
Yes of course, If your car is featured on here and you had a valid reason contact us using the form and we will happily remove the photo.

sypI parked Inconsiderately but have now seen the error of my way, what now?
If you have seen the error of your way contact us using our contact form stating the REG and date and if you apologise to anyone you may have inconvenienced we
will add you to our “Apologised List”. If you are later spotted parking Inconsiderately you will be¬†permanently added to the website.

What harm can footpath parking do?
Parking on a footpath can block access for wheelchair users & the blind, causing them to go into a road to go round the vehicle, which is dangerous & frightening. It can also cause damage to the footpath as they are made different to roads.

I had no option but to park on the footpath?
There is always another option as you could always just park on another road and walk to your destination.

I saw 2 cars parked on opposite sides of the road not leaving much room but no double yellow lines, is this legal?
No this is not legal as Rule 242 of the highway code states “You MUST NOT leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary
obstruction of the road”. If a car parks on the opposite side of the road to another this can cause obstruction for fire engines, ambulances or lorries.

Why shouldn’t I double park even if both cars are mine?
If the fire brigade are called to a house on fire they can use their ladders over one car. But if cars a parked side by side on a road then their ladder can’t stretch
far enough.

dpipiAre the police doing anything to fight the issue??
Not all police forces are trying to fight this issue but one we have been talking to is West Midlands Police. They are currently running a campaign called
“Don’t Plonk It – Park it” where they place imitation tickets on windscreens of cars parked badly. If the car is then spotted again they issue a real ticket. View
the leaflet by clicking on the image to the right.

Can I stop people parking in front of my house?
If you mean on the road in front of your house then the answer is NO.  Any car can ark anywhere on the road as long as there are no parking restrictions sign posted as long as it is taxed & insured. If you are disabled you can ask your local council to paint a disabled bay on the road outside your property but anyone with a blue badge can use it and it costs you.